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Reply to Guillaume, (letter to) Stephanie & Pieter

Hello, dear all.
Hope you're doing well and nice to meet you(r addresses).

I work all week from 9:00 to 18:00. Exceptions are: Tuesday from 14:00 to 18:00 and I'm free on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If it suits you, maybe Friday afternoon is a good time.

To ground our virtual, later physical or even metaphysical, encounter you may know I'm a graphic designer, based in Porto, who bumped in and felt connected with Pessoa since the euro-crisis bursted in Portugal. It happened when I was looking for a way to represent inner change through symbols and language (propaganda), a way to translate the individual initiative to become all time and space (multiple) in a national scale. 

My gait to this exhibition is walking over Álvaro de Campos "Ultimatum". I'm almost sure you're acquainted with it but if you need to place it in your mind click for theEnglish translationThe Malthusian Law of Sensibility,The Need of Artificial Adaptation and Anti-Christian Surgical Intervention are three laws to lay foundations for the coming exhibition material brought by me.

Quoting Fernando Pessoa about himself:

"(...) Álvaro de Campos, speaking about the Ultimatum, said once to me: «This war is the war of the lesser pigmies against the greater pigmies. Time will show (this was said in January 1918) which are the greater, and which are the lesser, but they are pigmies one way and another.» «It matters little who wins the war, for a fool is sure to win it. It matters little what comes out of it all, for folly is sure to come. The age of physical engineering has already arrived (he characteristically added), but the age of mental engineering is yet far off."

These words are the brief introduction I was missing to nourish our meeting before it takes place.

Best regards to from Lisbon GMT,

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