Could be his father standing there.

A tall tanned man from the lowlands, smiling young and on vacation from a life of writing and watching or vice-versa. 

He benefited from presence of people as a cemented observer, like a jumper from a bridge with heavy feet from too much poetry and anthropology. The difference is that man flies for his life. He enjoys difference seeking for similarity in a parallel. 

He named a friend to travel with him. He and Jack would meet Daniels in a bar in Porto. They gathered frequently for some years, switching towns, hence bars of this world, for the pleasure of discussing 
another world of meaningful possibilities. 

We see quite more when alone and with nothing to do but drinking. Perhaps is best to skip the car for those drivings around thoughts and relations and wander in a counter.

He drove off saying “Thank you”. “A spoon full of malte helps the humanity go down in a most delightful way”, Mary would say but it was rather a “Goodnight” what came out from his mouth.