I was a running candidate for Parliament

a true story

words & graphics // palavras & grafismos © Not Wolf

Some August and September

An incident between beliefs and acquaintances positioned me as independent candidate running for Porto and national mandatary for youth within a revolutionary party. I took the shot representing.

I believe rejecting Euro entangles a real discussion on what is being a community and what is the economy we wish and work for. 

This party defended openly the exit of the Euro, an unbalanced currency for the Portuguese community; the abolition of political restraints on the freedom to decide autonomously the future of the country; an investment in a sea based economy.

Algum Agosto e Setembro

À metade acidental, tornar-me cabeça de lista independente e mandatária nacional para a juventude de um partido revolucionário resultou nesta campanha. Tomei o incidente como oportunidade de representar.

Creio que rejeitar o Euro provoca a discussão sobre o que é a comunidade e qual a economia que desejamos e para a qual trabalhamos.

Este partido defendia abertamente a saída do Euro, uma moeda desequilibrada para a comunidade portuguesa; a abolição das restrições políticas às decisões autónomas do país sobre o seu futuro; investimento numa economia baseada no mar.


national student Campaign

Intended for youth, focused on college students, mostly online and animated.
If printed, use two colours - red and black on yellow paper. Stickers may also apply.

The party in question is collapsing on account of its immobility. Virgínia Valente was an independent candidate willing to run over fear of being displaced.

Fed up with stock photo like portraits of technocrats in campaign, playing the revolutionary on poster, I used photos of myself (not selfies) in demonstrations. We should represent what we are. Thank you to friends and strangers who depicted me to an honest use.

Candidate outdoor I didn't designed but states for future memory. Looking to the same shutter as Catarina Martins.