Mini Stereo

2013. I joined Margarida and Rosa in a cultural cooperative and actively worked behind the counter and behind the desk to open a bar to finance our activities. I was living in Viseu. The experience was very successful in pragmatic terms. In fifteen days of opened doors, all effort was being returned by costumers who started to really want to become members of the cooperative and money was covering investment and starting to accumulate to support an agenda of cultural activities.
As the transformation of the original project from Margarida was sudden, unexpected and did not had her best participation, we naturally split.
Anyway, it was amazing to work and laugh with Rosa, building up a beloved idea for my labour days and be sure I had what it takes to make it work.

(photo not mine)

menu (decided with Rosa)

logo re-styling study

logo re-styling

Ministers council - Mini Stereo Reopening Event: invitation text and layout