Le Style c'est l'homme

Paris, 07.09.2016, 19:00

with Guillaume Vieira at Casa André Gouveia, Cité Universitaire



Brother of enthusiasm for spiritual dimensions of life, Guillaume invited me to join him in a presentation of our shared thoughts about Pessoa. He also took the pictures of our show that you may see here in my cyber domain.

Departing from a letter to Armando Côrtes-Rodrigues and Ultimatum we walked together to fill in the stages of the Way of The Serpent from Fernando Pessoa.

Our spatial essay could've been something else if we didn't have existed that time.


The Way of the Serpent comprises 11 stages corresponding to steps of a neophyte self development.


exhibition overview from stage 1


algumas peças requeriam manuseamento / some pieces required handling



Piano de cauda tocando gaita de amolador

Baby grand piano playing edger’s pan pipe sound


stage 2

Desejo (Ânsia) Tentação de Eva
O desejo de Eva pelo conhecimento

Desire (Eagerness) Eve’s Temptation
Eve’s desire for knowledge



Acervo dos Comuns


Common Hart


counterclockwise, top left:  Common Hart mascot, scheme of history repetition, poem for greek illustration, €obra, 1974/1984 domino, rebirding project



19.01.1915 - Carta de Fernando Pessoa a Armando Côrtes-Rodrigues encontra-se com 1917 - Ultimatum de Álvaro de Campos

19.01.1915 - Letter from Fernando Pessoa to Armando Côrtes-Rodrigues meets 1917 - Ultimatum from Álvaro de Campos


exhibition overview from stage 10


stage 5* 


Actuação supernatural do sabão no micro-ondas

Soap performing supernatural feats on a microwave



Imagination (Christ’s Temptation) 
Playing Rock Paper Scissors with the Devil

Imaginação (Tentação de Cristo)
Jogar Pedra Papel Tesoura com o Diabo




Assuntos de divisão entre azeite e água

Dividing issues between olive oil and water


exhibition overview from stage 2



 Magna Magia
Ex-voto de cera sobre armadilha

Magna Magic
Wax ex-voto over trap



Peça para estar descansado

Sitting piece of mind

the literary departure point




Alta Alquimia
Estado da União

High Alchemy
State of the Union





Fio de prumo serpenteando a montanha

Plumbline snaking a mountain

exhibition overview from stage 1

exhibition overview from stage 1


words for the room

A life of keeping the things we value. Each one of us creating awareness of what is accomplishment made of.

Value is not absolute and often seemingly arbitrary. It’s placed rather in ideas than on the one who expressed them.

This exhibition began with a letter, from Pessoa to Armando Côrtes-Rodrigues in mid January 1915. He wrote him about how purpose drives causality along with casualty, finding a mission to seed and care for the crop, putting value into purpose.

Common sense shares the quest for fundamental ground of consciousness based on quality, either in school or trenches. Every company has a mission. Schools, trenches and companies have different conceptions about “how” applies to “what”.

We all represent matter to this world for a while, caught by the occupation of being a human. If living is representing, it’s rather “how” than “what”. 

Distracting "on purpose” damages value. How to keep an eye on purpose? 

Since the serpent made her way from the ancient times, we took the Way of the Serpent as a focusing method. It is a ritual to cross-examine “how" are we doing these days and what’s the purpose.


Serpents move in four ways: 

On surfaces which are not solid, sidewinding is advised. It envolves launching the head forward and allowing the body to follow.

The serpentine method, a wavy, undulating movement, is the most typical. Body uses objects in the environment to aid in momentum.

The concertina method implicates holding the rear still while stretching out the front, and then holding the front still while pulling the rear forward.

Finally, the rectilinear method allows snakes to advance slowly and linearly by gripping onto a surface with their wide belly scales.


There is no compass for a “what” and “how”. Consciousness brings Identity. 

Identity is not meant for one. Identity is a multiple shared on different perspectives that nurture a common value.

Knowing the purpose would be knowing too much. To presume it would be knowing too less. For those who can understand, understand it.

We just left instinct.

previous appearance of the exhibition room 

previous appearance of the exhibition room 

with Guillaume, snaking in the mountain

with Guillaume, snaking in the mountain

before the opening, with serpent's little helper

before the opening, with serpent's little helper

Stéphanie Lagarde & Pieter van der Schaaf also presented their work about Pessoa in another room under the moto "Guidelines for Better Readability".