This page presents and directs to working partners.


It's one of the most tingling graphic design studios in town and dearest friends. "Hot Cakes" (Bolos Quentes) are Sérgio Couto and Duarte Amorim. Albino Tavares and Miguel Marinheiro left the quartet for the duo. That's why they need a hand once in a while. Sometimes I am that hand.


We already added up our abilities to put together more than some projects. 
A beloved photographer and video artist. A shy writer. A reasonable body builder. Increasingly a bike rider. A sensible stubborn and, yet, my favourite dauntless pessimist to depict what we miss.


We met when I worked at A Transformadora and they came to the branding agency to have their brand built. Since then, I've been along the way and communication design has been my practice. 

Miguel e Catarina are kind and passionate partners. I learnt a lot from their savoir faire which later simplified working as guesthouse manager in Miss'Opo.

It's easy to work with people specialised in being welcoming and thoughtful, particularly if they are focused on detail.



I've been developing web skills with four cool guys who constitute the working force for software, website and web apps development. I'm glad to take part of their projects with such respectful and concerned professionals. Their efficiency may be the only thing upon which they don't lay back. Recommended to any digital adventure.



Ana and Paula invited me to take care of the guesthouse Miss'Opo because they had few time to deal with anything besides the restaurant sited in the same building. They thought I had the ability of representing that role, an hybrid of manager and housekeeper, despite unexperienced in both cases.

They trusted me to manage business (Ana and Paula dislike the word) as if it was my own and so I did it. I helped to establish a standard of service; created objects that were considered part of Miss'Opo's identity and, therefore, worked for its promotion; assisted in event production; also was the accountant and the shopping lady, the breakfast deliverer, the bricolage alarm and the cleaning maestro

Miss'Opo is a school of improvisation out of love and trust. I stopped being an official member of the team to allow me a season of sailing and writing. Nonetheless, our existences combine and the omnipresence of Miss'Opo in my life during a year and a half stills resonates in my endeavours.


He's a designer particularly devoted to publishing and a man by the book in a catalog world.

Offset scents daze him as well the silkscreened touches. I've been called to watch his back in a book to Serralves and we found ourselves looking forward to work together again, watching backs or sharing the front.


A team of sympathy, workers of the digital industry, they program and develop software, websites and apps. As I'm a designer rather than a developer, they are a handful of resources to accomplish projects regarding user experience (UX).

Tina SkrlJ

Besides sharing the good laughs, sun and cocktails, Tina enjoys making images out of feelings, still or moving, and being a part of what she commits herself to. Photography and video are her technical skills and she's a natural when it comes to partnership.