a.firma moreira

2014. It was supposed to be a house for artourists (touristic lodging)


I lived in a big charming house from the 50's, in Porto, with seven other people and a cat that dropped by the day we moved in. We chose this household because it had enough spacious rooms to live and have our studios inside as well as a small courtyard. I left before everybody else but when the remaining tenants decided to leave, the owner called me. She relied on me since I was the one who challenged her to rent the building which was for sale and took care of the communication between us and her.
I presented her a plan to transform the site in a house for tourists interested in arts.

The name of the project comes to "affirm a firm" and identity occurs crossing the street name (Moreira) and a book title from Tabucchi "Afirma Pereira". The book is a political romance placed in Lisbon in a dictatorship Summer in the 30's. Pereira, the main character, is the only and old journalist in a newspaper and never makes waves until he meets a young italian couple that struggles for freedom. 
As usual, I had nothing to invest but work and Dália had her capital focused on assisting her unemployed relatives. 

The logo stayed and I still can't pick a colour combination to make it final. 


Photos taken by Dinis on moving day