2014. A4 folded into a local guide


I was working at Miss'Opo's guesthouse.
I'm always writing and thinking about publishing.
I was supposed to take care for the guesthouse promotion and give guests some informations about town and Miss'Opo.
The Concrete Observer was a guide I wrote, edited, designed and published in order to fulfil these previous conditions.

The Concrete Observer is a micro-sitting-like-a-duck-pamphlet-guide edited by and for Miss’Opo house for guests.
Irregularly, despite frequently, Duck on Deck publishes an issue composed by sections as weather predictions, (new) portuguese saying, chronicle and other notes, leisure suggestions and event agenda. 
To each issue corresponds a graphic article presenting Miss’Opo’s homely feeling, through the people who orbit her and through what they do, besides tourism and hotel related activities. 

⊃uck ⊙n ⊃eck is the permanent and quiet receptionist on the counter.